Monday, November 10, 2008

Heating things up

A bbrrrrrrr kind of morning here but since it will be in the 70s this afternoon no sense turning on the heat and running up the gas bill. But still, the house is only 66 which is pretty chilly so I'm going to heat things up the second best way... by BAKING! And lest you worry about my waistline, I'm either giving the goods away or freezing them. So, on tap for this morning:

Pumpkin spice cake w/ cream cheese frosting (A is happy, but we know how he feels about frosting!)
Chocolate sugar cookies frosted to look like Pumpkins (for D's class)
Gingersnaps (for a friend in need)
Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes (to freeze for breakfasts this week)
Cranberry-coconut-cashew granola (headstart on Thanksgiving treats)


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