Friday, November 07, 2008

Cleaning house

Thursday I cleaned my house. Like really cleaned; company-is-coming kind of clean. And as I pushed my "green" microfiber mop around, I wondered do most people clean their house room by room or task by task? I usually go task by task: the bathrooms, all the dusting, all the vacuuming, then the mopping. (I hate mopping.) But it might be more effective, as I attempt to clean and parent at the same time, to go room by room. That way, you might get a whole one or two rooms clean before your two-year-old undergoes an existential crisis and you have to abandon your chores. I let A watch TV last week when I absolutely had to get some vacuuming done and also had to make some rather important phone calls. And he was crazy for the next 12 hours. Thus scientifically proving my theory that TV + A = Trouble. I have noticed that he can withstand about 30 minutes of something low-key like Curious George without too much fallout, which is good because that gives me time to either help D with homework or cook dinner or, on some nights, both.

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