Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In which A gives fair warning

A and I were watching some Thanksgiving-themed cooking shows on Food Network this past weekend. I ooh'd and aah'd over the goodies, particularly one glorious herb-rubbed turkey. A was sitting quietly, until he saw the turkey, nekkid before it's herb rub, sitting in the roasting rack. "Ew! Yucky!" he suddenly cried, "Looks like chicken!" And as we know around here, of all the meats A refuses to eat, Poultry is at the top of the list. I was hoping he wouldn't catch on that Turkey was indeed a lot like chicken, but I doubt I'll be able to fool him now.

Here is what he will eat: Cheerios, Oatmeal Squares, Life, Lucky Charms, oatmeal, Eggos, bananas, watermelon, red grapes (only Red. Green is Kryptonite), mandarin oranges, cantaloupe, Honey Wheat Bread, Ritz Crackers, creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, Cinnamon Raisin Mini Bagels, cheese pizza, baguettes, baked beans, Kraft mac n' cheese (blue box only!), plain noodles, Goldfish crackers, pretzels, graham crackers, raisins, cheese sandwich crackers (Late July organic ones only), Juicy Juice, chocolate milk, rare Beef Tenderloin.

Yes, he eats a "peanut jelly meesh" (pb&j, honey wheat bread, crusts off) every day for lunch. At least I don't have to wonder about what to make for him. And there have been dinners where all he eats are rolls and grapes. I can't think of the last time I saw him eat a veggie -- although I give him a small serving almost every night.

It's funny if you dare to compare him to D, who at his age would eat (or try) almost anything! Spicy, exotic, fishy, it didn't matter. She'd be game. There are some things neither of them will eat: american cheese, sandwiches (besides A's pb&j), potatoes, mushrooms, hamburgers, OJ, chocolate pudding, eggs, sushi, onions, celery.

Why the crazy detailed menu? Because my dear parents will be attempting to feed both of them while we're off skiing! Good luck mom & dad. We love you!

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Scott Williams said...

What's up with the potatoes? As you know, Reed eats very well, but potatoes, eggs, red meat are on the "no" list.