Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Where will you be from 10 - 12pm?

I will be attempting to beat the rush hour traffic at the polls today and will be voting during the (supposedly) non-peak times of 10-noon. M is even taking a few hours off of work to come with me to wrangle help with A. We are bringing: snacks, portable DVD (extra batteries!), lotsa water, some candy, and his favorite blankie. Oh, and of course our picture IDs and voting cards. They are telling us to expect to wait, even during non-peak times. So we will be prepared.

I am excited and nervous to be part of this election, and more than a bit anxious about the outcome. It may be supremely unpatriotic of us, but we are NOT going to watch the election results. I don't think I can bear a whole evening of predictions and guesses and babbling on from both parties about the historical historicness of this super-historical election. Especially since we'll have done our part to try to elect the candidate we want to see elected and no amount of incessant Special Reporting will change the result. Instead we'll be making a delicious dinner (I'm think steak au poivre and pommes Anna) and renting some awesome movies and we'll check the results -- calmly -- first thing in the morning.

God Bless America!

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Jennette said...

How was your wait? I voted at 11:30 am and the whole process only took 12 minutes (yes, I timed it). ;)