Monday, November 17, 2008

A-skiing we will go....

Are you as tired of reading about the minutiae of my life as I am of writing about it? Only two weeks of NaBloPoMo to go.

And it will end, luckily, just as M & I will be departing for a fun-filled week in Park City, Utah! One whole week with no kids, no dog, no chores, no errands, no cleaning and... no internet. I already feel a bit cut-off since we don't have blackberries or iPhones or anything like that. M is bringing his work laptop (OF COURSE) so I guess I could get on my email in an emergency, but whatever. This is about the skiing people!

I've never been skiing before, but I'm psyched to learn. I'm taking lessons of course. M & I decided I'd be better off with a real instructor so he'll be free to go ski the Triple Black Diamond, Warren Miller-style runs. Did I ever mention that my usually laid-back, conservative, easy going hubby is a skiing dare devil? Yeah, well he is. We'll see who comes back in one piece.

We got ourselves all outfitted - ski pants, gloves, long underwear and those little things that keep your hands & feet warm all day. I don't know what I'm going to do about headgear, because I absolutely loathe hats and my hair is NOT hat-friendly at all. But I know, I know, after a whole day in 20 degree weather flailing about in the snow I'm going to want something on my head. Although frankly I'm way more worried about my ears -- if they get cold it's instant migraine time for me. The other thing I'm worried about is my skin, which is so very dry that my hands crack and bleed when it's in the 50s. So I'll be loading up on the cocoa butter and shea butter and whatever other butters I can find.

I do have a burning question though.... what do you do with your clothes after you are done skiing? Do you just sit around the ski lodge or lobby or whatever wearing your puffy, wet ski pants? Do you bring jeans to put on when you're done? Do you bring an extra pair of shoes? And the shoe thing alone is killing me because I've got about 100 pairs of sandals, heels and flip flops but only one pair of snow-appropriate shoes. Unless you count my Cole Haan knee boots with the 3" heels which M has informed me are absolutely inappropriate for skiing, ski towns, ski resorts and all of Utah in general.

I'm out of my element here so any snowbunnies or snowmen who have insight into the packing/changing/shoe situation ... please let me know! And if you ever need to pack for a week in the Islands or two months in Kosovo with a toddler, I'm your girl.

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Scott Williams said...

OK. So, you take a comfortable pair of weather appropriate shoes/boots. You wear them to the slope where you ditch them for the day while you're in your ski boots. Depending on where you Apres Ski, you can lose the ski boots for your comfy shoes, but you don't change clothes until later. Apres Ski is time to wind down, hat hair and all! BTW, spend a day or two at Deer Valley.