Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dere Santa

D has been hard at work on her Dear Santa letters.

Here is what A wants from Santa (according to big sis D):
Paritkit with paritkit food
Lots of balls

Here is what D wants:
Paritkit and paritkit food
A magik kit
easy bak ovin
a Pixos (Santa is NOT bringing anything that has 42,000 small beads. I'd rather get the paritkit.)
A totally funky science kit (this she saw in a Wal-Mart catalogue)
iDog (Huh? I'll have to google this)
Easy bak frosting pen

She ended both the letters with the p/s "I will give you cookies"

I'm not sure where the "paritkit" idea came from. But she is definitely getting the ez bake and the magic kit. We've spent almost a year explaining to her that magic tricks are tricks, not real magic and I think she's about 75% of the way to understanding that. Although she'll still say things like when I get my magic kit I'm going to change all the lightbulbs to candy! Then I'll explain (again) how magic is just tricks and she'll go on about how candy lightbulbs ARE a real trick because we wouldn't have any light.

Can't argue with that. Mommy needs some hot buttered rum.

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kari said...

this blog makes me laugh out loud! Yes, light bulbs are a real trick!