Thursday, November 13, 2008

Festooned AND beribboned*

I am off to Michael's today, coupon in hand, to begin the search for my Christmas decorations. We have a staircase to decorate-- hurrah! I'd get all jazzed about the mantle, except that someone has their big ol' LCD TV up there and I doubt there's anywhere else for it to go, holidays or no.

We're getting two trees this year: one in the sunroom for the kids to decorate with paper chains and popcorn and my old collection of nutcracker ornaments and then in the living room we'll have a big formal tree. I'm thinking of doing a Silver Bells theme this year -- but we'll see. Our house looks great with metallics, but I have tons of folk-art style ornaments that would be pretty neat too. But for the stairs - I want garland and sleigh bells and glittering berries and huge tartan ribbons. I've never had a staircase to decorate before!

Here's an idea - but imagine about 300% more stuff. This looks a bit skimpy, if you ask me:

*Line lifted from THE funniest show on TV: Worst Week. If you don't watch it, you're missing the fun.

NOTE: NaBloPoMo day 13. Woohoo!

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