Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For the birds!

We went to the beach yesterday with a friend and her two kids. It was a perfect beach day - high 70s, no humidity, bright sun. Freezing cold water. There were some tourists sitting next to us and they were the only ones in the water. They must have been from someplace really cold like Iceland or Canada or Maine. I got brain freeze just sticking my toes in. Of course the kids were having a blast splashing and splishing.

We also brought along a picnic lunch, but were totally molested by hyper-aggressive seagulls the minute we started to eat. Why, why, why do people insist on feeding these things? It's just crazy. Feral cats, squirrels, seagulls... they should all be fending for themselves. So two huge seagulls dive bombed us just as we started eating, one grabbed my sandwich right out of my hand, the other went for poor D... actually nipped her finger and drew blood! Later, A was standing with a large seashell in his hand and it must have looked crackerish to the birds because they bombed us again. Two hovered right over my friend's head, flapping in her face. It was nuts. And a shame because it is (was) one of the nicest picnic beaches around.

Today is baking day and we'll see how that winds up what with the two kids home all day. Already I might have screwed up because I was making my sugar cookie dough this a.m. and D distracted me (she wanted to know how to spell something) and I dumped the baking powder into the butter/sugar mixture instead of sifting it with the other dry ingredients. So there's proof positive that I can't spell & bake at the same time. Then I slightly overtoasted my pecans because the dog suddenly threw up. Of course she threw up because she's been off her regular food for a day now because I keep forgetting to go to the pet store so we've had to feed her some little sample packets (Duck & Potato!) of food we've had lying around.

So I'm sticking all the cookie dough into the fridge and running out RIGHT NOW for dog food. As soon as I email my pecan pie recipe to my friend who needs it. And stop the kiddos from killing each other.

Have a nice Tuesday!

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