Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I normally don't shop on Black Friday, and normally don't shop in stores. I'm an online kinda girl. But I have been enjoying all of the super November sales, so much so that I'm pretty well done with my Christmas shopping. Woohoo! Go me!

Which means this year I can go out with my sisters on Black Friday and shop for myself! I carefully pre-planned the trip, first by telling M he can go golfing on Thursday morning with my dad & Shane. So now he'll have kid duty Friday -- mmwwwhahahahah. Next, I've got my coupons carefully arranged, including the awesome Beauty Insider one I just got from Sephora (smooches!), and my list planned. I definitely need stuff for our ski trip next week: the best moisturizing sunblock money can buy, lip balm by the gallon, something warm and pretty to wear to dinner, a pair of slippers, comfy pants for the plane ride, ear wamer-thingys, a knee brace. But the thing we need most of all is not to be found in sunny Florida: ski socks. We'll probably have to wait until we get to Utah and buy them there when we rent our skis. Actually, I probably need a couple of regular pair of socks too, which bums me out because I hate socks. They make me so uncomfortable. And I don't really own any. I've got a few pairs of the little white ones you wear to work out, two pairs of SmartWool short hiking socks and one pair of black trouser socks. Except for hiking or working out, I've only worn socks maybe a dozen times since I stopped working four years ago. I kid you not. My feet just don't get cold. And, like I said, I don't like socks. But I do wear them under boots. And I guess that goes for ski boots too.

Happy Shopping! Maybe I'll see you at the shops as I walk off the turkey and pie in support of our economy!

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