Wednesday, July 19, 2006

100 things about me

Well, here's the start of my "100 Things About Me" list that almost every blogger seems to put up eventually. Unfortunately, mine's going to be cut a bit short (for now) because we found out today that I'm going to be induced on Sunday night. Apparently BabyBoy is getting quite large - 8lb 10oz at today's ultrasound - and the docs don't want him getting much larger. I knew he was big, but wowie zowie. I've only gained 19 lbs. total, so a lot of the weight is HIM. Wish me luck for Monday, I'm still planning on a natural birth (at the moment). See ya!

1) I've been married to M for almost 7 years.
2) We have a wonderful 4-year-old daughter (D) and a BabyBoy on the way.
3) I met my husband in 1995 while interviewing him for a job. It was love at first sight. I knew I was going to marry him within an hour of meeting him.
4) I was born in Milwaukee, spent my early childhood in Kingston, Jamaica and the rest of my life mostly in Florida.
5) I went to The University of Florida.
6) While a freshman at UF, I decided a great way to impress guys would be to learn all about football.
7) Turns out I love football!! I know all about college and pro teams and can provide a pretty decent game analysis.
8) My favorite college team is the Gators. My favorite pro team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.
9) I'm the eldest of five, but my middle brother died in a car accident when I was 24.
10) We named our daughter after a skier from the 2002 Norweigan Olympic team. Her middle name is from my maternal grandmother.
11) I hate gardening and refuse to have anything to do with it.
12) I'm terrified of lizards and frogs, but can handle almost anything else that creeps or crawls.
13) I learned to ride a horse before I could ride a bike.
14) I'm still not that great on a bike, but I took first place in a Walk, Trot, Canter class at a local horse show.
15) I have a teddy bear that my paternal grandfather gave me when I was about 18 months old.
16) I have no sense of rhythm but I love to dance.
17) The first song I knew all the words to was "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
18) I am a voracious reader.
19) I own all the Harry Potter books and was shocked, SHOCKED, by Book 6.
20) I think the best gift in the world is an iTunes gift certificate.
21) I once stayed awake for 48 hours downloading music from the Internet.
22) I know how to code an HTML page.
23) I was on the Varsity swim team for 4 years in high school.
24) My favorite food is a baked potato.
25) I love 80s music and classic rock n' roll.
26) My first concert was Chicago, the opening act was the J.Geils Band ("Freeze Frame!")
27) The last concert I went to was New Order.
28) I once dated a skateboarder named Stoney and a surfer boy named Skip. (Not at the same time!)
29) My all time favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.
30) I'm a TV junkie.
31) The only magazine I subscribe to is National Geographic.
32) I've never been shy, but sometimes I keep my opinions to myself to avoid conflict.
33) I dislike procrastination and indecisiveness.
34) I'm a Scorpio.
35) I'm a neat freak when it comes to my daughter's toys. But in 4 years, we've only lost 1 toy (the cow from her Fisher-Price farm.)
36) The first "R" movie I saw was Jaws.
37) My favorite place to vacation is the beach, any beach.
38) The most beautiful place I've ever been is Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Why was I up all night?

I went to Sephora today (w/D) but got so tired after looking at 1 or 2 things that I just got a bunch of samples and left. Maybe when D is back in school and BabyBoy is in a stroller I won't feel so frickin' exhausted all the time. Of course, maybe it is because a lizard got into the house last night and hauled a** to the TV cabinet before M could grab it. It was one of those big freaky-deaky albino fat gecko ones too. Gross. So I kept waking up on and off all night because I knew, JUST KNEW, it was going to come looking for me and sure 'nuff about 4:00 a.m. I get up to go to the bathroom and THERE it is right on our bedroom wall. So I yell for M to get it and he's all grumpy because I woke him up and naturally he doesn't get it, and there's some cursing, and then it runs under his nightstand. So I decide to stay up the rest of the night, lights on, staring at the spot it disappeared and I doze off at around 6:15 and I wake up at 6:40 and D comes in at 7:00 and stares at me and says "Mommy, what are you DOING? What are you looking at?" And so I tell her there's a lizard under Daddy's nightstand and I'm watching for it and she says "Are you going to kill it?" and I say OF COURSE. And she replies with "NOOOOOO, let's save it and make it do a lizard show!" She's so kind to animals, but it still must die. So anyway, I tell her she's in charge of watching for it while I take a shower (I wanted to be sure to be out of the bedroom before M goes to work) and when I come out of the bathroom there it is RIGHT under the baby's bassinet - UGH! So I yell, again, for M who comes on the run, but in much better spirits, no cursing, and with better aim because he is awake and has had a cup of coffee and he corners the little slimeball in the bathroom and beats it to death with his Via Spiga (or was it Kenneth Cole?) dress shoe and then flushes it down the toilet. So that's why I'm a bit worn out today and feeling crampy and grumpy. But at least there isn't a lizard in my bedroom to keep me awake all night for the next 3 weeks and I'm going to take a nap to celebrate that little fact.

Why won't anyone believe me when I say that lizards really are out to get me? They don't like me, they never have, and they take every opportunity to get inside the house and stalk me!