Sunday, November 16, 2008

Save or spend?

Unfortunately, the tough economy didn't stop the Man from sending us a whopping new property tax bill -- and right before Christmas! Wow! What good timing! Of course because we are RESPONSIBLE homeowners and we knew the low, low tax rate we paid last December wasn't going to last forever, we had planned accordingly and can pay the 200% 300% enormous increase.

Still, all the news about the economy and how we, as a nation, better get our financial act in order has begun to take a toll on my attitude if not my behavior. I think we live a relatively unmaterialistic, unconsumeristic, basic life. M is a great money manager and I try my best to keep the day-to-day spending in check. Mostly by limiting the trips to Target. And for a long time I've been a big fan of generic groceries, mostly because our grocery store is Publix and they carry name-brand quality stuff at lower generic prices. They even have Publix brand organic milk and meat. So I'm a fan. Although I usually buy name-brand cereals because cereal is one of the only things A will eat and darned if he doesn't know the difference! I think it's best not to mess with his food groups.

Feeling all virtuous after saving at the grocery, I decided to splurge a little at Sephora for my birthday. M had bought me a bottle of Hermes Kelly Caleche (mmmmm.) and so I had some Beauty Insider bucks to use. I got some Boscia products, re-stocked on my Bare Escentuals and an amazing GWP -- a mini train case stocked with all kinds of cool samples! AND because it was my birthday, I got a little bottle of Sephora bath gel in an amazing vanilla cupcake scent. I've never used their bath products before, but it was really nice, made a ton of bubbles and now I smell like dessert. D liked the scent to so I'll have to keep an eye on her skulking around my bathroom. Only six and already after Mommy's products! I guess in these times we should all be sharing though.

More news tomorrow (NaBloPoMo Day 17!) about a BIG splurge on the horizon.

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