Monday, August 11, 2008

Well hello there

I'm back in blog business. The kids and I took our last vacation of summer vacation last week and spent a fab week at my parents in Naples. We got a little shopping in, had a belated bday party with their Florida cousins and Dad made his awesome homemade egg rolls. I've been craving one of those little babies since we were in NC in July and finally, finally, finally I got one. Mmmm.

We had a nice weekend, took the kids to the pool, had some good family time, and stayed up way too late watching the Olympics. I love them. I love the marquee sports and I love the obscure ones. I love athletes and I love competitions and I love watching huge, awesome spectacles like the opening ceremonies, which was better than any other opening ceremony I can ever remember watching -- and I watch them all. I love that Beijing looks like a real city and that China is presenting itself proudly and positively. And I love all the coverage of Dara Torres and her amazing abs. At first I thought there's no way she could be doing this without 'roids, but after watching endless reports and interviews, maybe just maybe it IS pure and simple hard work -- and God-given genetics, obviously. Because I don't care how many laps I swim, weights I lift or how many people walk all over my legs and back I'll never, ever, ever look like her and it's not just because of my deep-rooted love of ice cream. I just can't believe she's my age.

So. Busy week ahead as D gets ready for first - gulp! - grade which starts next Monday! Zowie. We had planned to do her school supply shopping today but unfortunately the crapping upstairs a/c crapped out again yesterday so after a sweltering sweat box of a night, we'll be spending this morning in the cool downstairs waiting for the a/c guys. Again. It's OK though because I've got 8 hours of TIVO'd Olympics to catch up on.

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