Monday, August 18, 2008

Well, hello there

Here's my beautiful daughter D this morning on her first day of first grade. I. Am. So. Proud. And she, evidently, is so happy! Happy to be seeing her friends, happy to be at school, and happy to be away from her baby bro for a bit, I suspect. A was not so happy. Today during snack time, he looks up at me and says "I miss D...." Oh my. I didn't think he even understood the concept of "miss." Hm. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Unfortunately everybody's happiness may be temporary since they might cancel school tomorrow due to the impending arrival (or not?) of Tropical Storm/Hurricane/Whatever Fay.

So. Lots of other stuff going on today as we get ready (maybe) for a tropical storm/hurricane/whatever. Let's check: water? (got it), tuna? (got it), millions of packaged snacks? (got 'em), refried beans and tortillas? (got it), nutella? (got it), pb & j? (natch), UHT milk? (yup). I'm all ready! Unfortunately, because I was too lazy/tired/distracted by the Olympics I had to go yesterday so I battled the crowds of panicked senior citizens in the grocery store and I also missed getting water at the low, low price of 10 bottles for $10, but hey. At least we won't be hungry for a day or two or ten. Then I sent M to Target to get batteries for the flashlights. He came back with a new Coleman camping lantern and a pack of men's undershirts, size L. OK, close enough! I'm sure those are things we can use in an emergency too!

Now I'm busy making a double batch of pancakes to freeze. Because who doesn't like delicious breakfast foods during a tropical storm?! I'm also doing laundry and cleaning the house because I have an odd compulsion to make sure everything is clean in an emergency. So that will keep me busy between compulsively checking The Weather Channel for updates and taking inventory of our household goods.

I'm sure other people's hurricane/tropical storm/whatever preparations are more practical, but then they probably won't be eating buttermilk-banana pancakes while they wait for the power to come back on.


kari said...

My preparations are not more practical. Because they do not exist. I plan to drive to your house if I get hungry. I'm sure I can find a route without trees on the road. And I can weather a little storm if I do get hungry.

Debbie said...

I, too, have been making buttermilk banana pancakes lately! Actually, chocolate chip banana buttermilk pancakes. But not for a storm... I just had some bananas to use and I was tricking myself that half a bag of morsels in pancakes is healthier than in cookies. And I've heard that Jack Johnson song... "make you banana pancakes"... a lot lately.

Happy Hurricane!