Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

Letssee.... a million errands to run, house to clean, in-laws coming in 2 days, grocery store, b-day gift to drop off, D has a half-day (wha? why? the first week of school?!), M out of town and OH YEAH it's RAINING AGAIN. Ugh.

And, by the way, David Lebovitz, I love your ice cream, your recipes are devine, The Perfect Scoop rocks my world, but you have seriously jumped the shark with Candied Bacon Ice Cream. No, no, no. That is wrong. Just wrong.


Libby said...

Who would have thought it! I'm amused that he brought his first sample to his butcher- appropriate, no?

I hope the rain pushes off and the M. comes home soon.

suburban prep said...

My hubby just had a chocolate bar that was with bits of bacon. He said it was an interesting piece. One of his favorite combinations is peanut butter and bacon for a sandwich.