Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Now, THAT'S tragic

So I am L-O-V-I-N-G that sweet A has decided to start taking a nap again! And right as School starts up! Hooray! You know what that means, right? That if I work real hard, get all my chores done and errands run then I get to plop my sweet patootie down on the couch for at least an hour before I have to pick up D from school. Hot damn. I mean, I guess I could break out my Tae-Bo or pilates tapes (yup, that's how old those suckers are -- I don't even have them on DVD) and do a little work out, but isn't it more fulfilling to read a book intended for grown ups, or munch a bowl of popcorn unmolested or watch a couple TIVO-d episodes of What Not to Wear? Or, as I did today, catch one of my very favorite Guilty Pleasure Movies of all-time, "The Perfect Murder." Now I can only describe the plot in the barest of details because I am so entranced with 1) Gwyneth's clothes. Oh such clothes. and 2) Viggo. But, as I was watching today, a line did jump out at me, even though I was deep in thought pondering if I could pull off the scoopneck-sweater-tucked-scarf look. The scene: After the attempted murder (I'm not too worried about spoiling the movie for anyone since it's been on basic cable for about the last 2000 years), when Gwynnie has left to stay with her "best friend" for a while and pull herself together. The line: The "friend" offering Gwynnie hot tea, clean towels and (here's the line) "your favorite yogurt in the fridge." Huh? What? You startled me out of my cashmere-induced trance. Letsseehere: someone tries to kill you, you decide to leave your husband, and your "best friend" offers you YOGURT? Not chocolate, wine or, as I would want, full-fat, premium-brand mint chocolate chip ice cream, a bottle of Woodford Reserve and some Valium? Some friend.

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kari said...

I had to skip the bottom of this blog, because I have a hard time remembering what movies I have seen.