Friday, August 15, 2008

Knowing me, knowing you

Mamma Mia was great fun! We were lucky enough to see it at a small show and the theater was full of ABBA fans who didn't mind singing along to the songs. Christine Baranski was hilarious as usual and Colin Firth showed us a whole new side of his acting range. Meryl Streep was amazing. I had just seen "Devil Wears Prada" a few weeks ago (on cable, natch) and she was great in that as well. Strangely, I came home and found M watching the cinematic exact opposite from Mamma Mia: "The Deer Hunter" (also with Meryl Streep -- I think it was her first big movie.) Anyway, the two movies were totally different in every way, except for reinforcing Meryl as a wonderful actress.

It also reinforces how totally different M & I are in our movie tastes (and TV, books, music, art, etc.). Not that the Deer Hunter wasn't an amazingly powerful, deeply upsetting movie packed with great performances, but would I have picked it for my Thursday night entertainment? Nope. And he would have been asleep in the first 15 minutes of Mamma Mia and then would have waked up briefly during "Voulez-Vous?" to comment how much he hates ABBA. Although he loves me, so we'll see how well he tolerates a weekend of me walking around singing "S.O.S."

Send prayers and good wishes -- the piece of crap upstairs A/C is out again and in a new twist to our ongoing saga, the repair people sent by the warranty company aren't returning our calls AND seem not believe us that it's not working. Like we'd lie, when it's 90 degrees out and the bedrooms are uninhabitable. S.O.S.!!!

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kari said...

Can you please tell me the S.O.S. lyrics? I want to sing too.