Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fools like us

Only I would decide that TONIGHT is the night I'm gonna finally learn how to use the chimney starter on the grill. In the pouring rain. While A is nap-less and five seconds from a bona fide blow out. And I've got $16.00 in tri-tip steaks on the line.

Why? Because the women's team gymnastics finals are on tonight, because I made a killer batch of chimichurri, because I've got a whole fresh, crusty loaf of bread and a bunch of organic green beans. And what goes best with all that goodness? Why grilled steaks of course!! (And an ice cold Fosters for after the kiddos are a-bed.)

I've got the charcoal lit, I think. I'm waiting for a "medium ash" to form. Hopefully sometime tonight.

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