Thursday, August 21, 2008

First taste of fall

I can't wait for cooler weather so that I can wear my new fleece-lined hoodie:

My stylish sisters may laugh at me for wearing something so mom-like -- perhaps even (gulp) frumpy? --but it is the perfect thing to wear to the playground in cooler weather.

I also love these:

But there is absolutely no justification for wearing them in Florida. Even on the wettest, windiest, muddiest, coldest day it is not nearly wet, windy, muddy or cold enough. Not that it stops me from putting them on my wish list. Maybe M will see this and get them for my birthday. Other people may have fancy jewelry or exotic trips on their wish lists. I've got wellies. Whatever.

D had a rough Day 2 yesterday at school. She got put on "red" for the first time ever for talking in class. She was appropriately upset as I explained that no, I wasn't mad, just a little disappointed, and that she needs to make more of an effort to listen, not talk. I felt a little hypocritical as I was/am a chronic chatterer (still am) and can't shut my mouth to save my life. So she comes by it honestly.

A is loving the extra one-on-one time with me. Yesterday we went to the park and played Jack & the Beanstalk all morning and today he went to his first music class. He surprised me by loving it - he had no problem participating, playing along, "singing," marching, etc. The teacher even said she was surprised to see a first-timer so involved. I was pleasantly surprised too since D absolutely hated music class and the crowds of kids and having people watch her do stuff. She would much rather have just watched everyone else and I remember the teacher telling me not to worry about "forcing" her to participate, she'd get to it in her own time. A is the exact opposite and I felt very much like "that mom" as I chased him all over the room, tried to stop him from taking the teacher's props and grinned as he screamed/sang along with every song.

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