Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uh oh it's magic

Remember that line from the Cars song? Hee. One of my favorite songs waaay back in high school. I still remember toolin' around with my BF Angela and her boyfriend and he would play that song on his rockin' cassette player. In his Datsun. Good times, people.

Anyway. My lil sis (Aunt Debbie) has an interesting post on her blog about magic and a really cool YouTube video of a guy doing an amazing card trick. In other magic-related news, the illusionist Criss Angel was in Clearwater last night where 10,000 people clogged the beach streets to watch him free himself from an old hotel that was being imploded. He did the stunt here because Clearwater was the only town in America that would let him lock himself in a building that was being demolished to perform his stunt. Ummm.. where were the lawyers and insurance people when THAT contract got signed? Does that reflect well on Clearwater? Hmmm. But, anyway, unlike my lil sis, I only watch magic tricks -- and illusionists -- because I like to try to figure out how they do the stuff they do. I don't like to be fooled, and I hate when anyone, even a TV illusionist, messes with my mind. That said, some of s**t David Blaine does is really cool. I've never been able to figure out anything he's done and he really messes with my mind.

D had asked and asked and begged and pleaded for a magic kit for her birthday. We didn't buy her one because 1) all the kits we found were for ages 8+, 2) we thought it would be better to wait until she was reading confidently on her own (it destroys the trick when you have to have the instructions read to you, and 3) she was absolutely convinced that she would be able to "really do magic." We tried so hard to explain the concept of "tricks" to her but she counldn't get past the idea that even though it was a trick, it was still magic. We tried to explain the tricks she'd learn from a magic kit -- milk in a hat and all that -- but she thought it was all real and she wanted to "learn how to make candy appear whenever she wanted." She didn't even want to eat the candy -- not much of a sweet tooth -- she just wanted to make it. We finally convinced her to wait until she can read, and maybe then she'll understand about the trick part of magic tricks. Or maybe, like her Aunt Debbie, she'll hang onto her sense of wonder and delight in watching the impossible happen. Maybe she won't waste her time on the why or how, but just sit back and enjoy the candy.


Debbie said...

It really is magic.

Well, I think it is magic how they can trick us. Like the trick on my video - I basically understand how he's doing it, but still can't believe how he's doing it. It's magic.

But I also think it's magical how my cakes rise in the oven. Or how my bagels double in size in just an hour or two. Or how gooey cookie batter comes together to form such deliciousness. Maybe instead of a Magic Kit, D is ready for some cooking lessons.

Cindy said...

Very cute story! But it wasn't The Cars--it was a group called Pilot, and this was their only big hit.

We must have been in high school at about the same time--a really long time ago!