Friday, August 15, 2008

What's the reverse of Murphy's law?

After a whole morning of M & I arguing with the warranty company and tricking the a/c place into talking to us, they agree to come out. And inexplicably, the dang system starts working perfectly 20 minutes before the guy gets here. So now we (I) get to babble on about how it's an intermittent problem and oh yeah, it's OK now and our bedroom is 75 degrees but I promise you by bedtime there'll be no a/c at all and it will be 87 in there. Somebody help us.

So it's not if anything can go wrong, it will. It's when you want it to be wrong, it's suddenly right. Mostly, I think we just need to stop fixing the dang thing and replace it.


kari said...

I am glad to learn the joys of home-ownership before I take the plunge.

Debbie said...

Similar thing happened to me. When my car was still under warranty, it started making these whooping/whistling sounds, especially at red lights. Whoop! Whoo-oop! So, I took it in, but they could not get it to make a peep. Honda was running fine, so I figured it was just talking to me. Whoop! Hello! Whoo-oop! Watch that biker!

What do you think your a/c could be trying to tell you?