Friday, October 17, 2008

What's for dinner

If you are one of those lucky folks who's kid will eat anything (I'm looking at you Reed!), then I congratulate you. #1 Daughter ate everything (or at least tried to) we ever gave her, with the notable exception of bolognese sauce. The Son? Not so much. So I have to get creative. Or not. Last night we had Build-Your-Own-Oatmeal for dinner.

What's that? Well, it's kind of like a build your own taco/pizza/omelette bar. But we had oatmeal instead of any of those more traditional dinner foods. I started with a big hot bowl of oatmeal, then added:

Here's everything mixed together:

A says "Yummylicious!"

Happy kids. Happy mom. That's what I call a Happy Meal!

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Scott Williams said...

Reed still eats it all, but now not necessarily when you want her to. I say "peas," she says, "carrots." I say "pasta," she says "peanut butter jelly." I say "apple sauce," she says "juicy pear." She still doesn't eat red meat though, unless you count bacon and she thinks that's a chip since it's crunchy.