Thursday, October 09, 2008


"You look terrible!" said my friend at morning drop-off.

And she'd only seen me from the side. When I turned to face her, she got the full effect of the massive dark circles and bags under my eyes, pale and splotchy skin, the more-rumply-than-usual outfit. Early trick-or-treat? Nah. Up all night while A barfed and barfed? Yep. Poor baby. Poor mama. At 3:00 M was rocking him, cleaned up and wrapped in a towel, while I changed his sheets and wiped the worst of it off his precious baba (blanket) that he can't sleep without. I could hear him asking M over and over "Me throw up? On bed?" I could tell he was worried about lying down again, so I held him on my lap in the rocking chair nodding off while singing "Hush Little Baby." He woke up again around 5:15, but only wanted some water.

It's the start of our own mother-son vicious cycle though because he gets sick, then I get rundown taking care of him all night, then I get sick, then I pass it back to him. And so on.

But at least my amazing husband helped out (and I only had to ask once!) and A is starting to feel much better after getting all that yuck out last night.

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