Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What are they thinking?!

Yesterday I get a new catalog in the mail. No problem; I love new catalogs. Only this catalog, called PoshTots, was ridiculous. It was the toddler equivalent of the wretched MTV show "My Sweet Sixteen." Here are some of the highlights.

Looking for a way to get your little bundle of joy outside for exercise? Well how about a playset!

You can have the Topsy-Turvy Tangerine playhouse:

It's only $3000.

What? Your tike doesn't have an imagination of his own? How about the ultra deluxe Pirate Ship?

For $49,000. No problem.

Or, if you are looking to instill a permanent sense of superiority in your child, for the price of a real house you too can own this monstrosity:

It's only $123,000. Sorry I couldn't get the picture any larger. Check out their website for a full size pic.

Don't even get me started on the $14,000 toddler bed.

I immediately called the company and asked to be permanently removed from the mailing list. Even if we had that kind of money, even if we felt that we should be spending that kind of money on our children (and the only time they'll get close to that kind of cash is for their college tuition!), even if we HAD to spend $123,000 and couldn't think of anything else to buy, I wouldn't do it. Everyone with children knows that they would be just as happy playing with the boxes these things would be shipped in. What a waste.


Mrs. S said...

Hey, I found you through Scarlet O'Kara.

I could not agree more with you. That's outrageous! The sad part is, parents probably do buy that stuff for their kids. Talk about irresponsible "sure, Suzy, we can buy you a pirate ship....sure, Suzy, we can buy your way into college...sure, Suzy, we'll buy you a husband (I don't know)." Parents should be more concerned with their children learning on their own.

Broady said...

Love love love that Pirate Ship.

Just wait about 6 months, and with the way the economy is going, I bet that company will be having a liquidation sale and you can pick up one of those up at 99% off. Because when folks are worried about the next Depression, 49k playhouses are probably the first thing that gets crossed off the budget.