Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Busy week

Hello there! What are you doing this week/end? We are going on our neighborhood's annual Haunted Hike! The neighborhood where we live is (un)lucky enough to contain the intersection of 13th Street & 13th Avenue, so it lends itself to all kinds of Halloweeny fun.

Sister Jenn & Co. are coming for the weekend so I got a passle of grub to get together and I need to put the finishing touches on D's spider costume. Yes, I've figured out how to make a homemade costume that requires no sewing! Yay me! But there are a ton of safety pins involved. Her school has a strict code about costumes for their Halloween carnival: only characters from stories, fairy tales, some movies, no violent imagery, no occult imagery. But I figure we can either make her Charlotte or the spider from Little Miss Muffett. A will be dressed/undressed as Dash from The Incredibles. He loves the costume, but doesn't seem to like to wear it. He's not trick-or-treating anyway, so no biggie.

Last night A was pretending to put me to bed... read me a story, said prayers, sang a little song. He even did the little impatient eyeroll that I give him when I asked for one more story. It was too cute.

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