Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In non-ice cream related news...

We finished decorating the porch for Halloween this past weekend. The theme this year is Gallery of Ghosts. My sis Jenn helped me make homemade, family-friendly ghosts using nothing more than $20 worth of white sheets from Goodwill, some hangers, a black Sharpie and a pair of scissors. And Martha Stewart's awesome ghost face templates. They were super easy and the kids had a great time "helping." They look very friendly during the day, but at night they are a bit more spooky.

(Note unintentional matching sweaters on J. and I. Also my incredibly flat hair.)

My favorite ghostie

Shane & A. say "boo!"

Daddy says "Scaaaary!"

A. dressed as a PumpkinHead. (No, he's not wearing this for trick or treating.)

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Broady said...

Love the scary ghost and PumpkinHead! I need to get busy w/ my Halloween decor or it will entirely pass me by.