Friday, October 31, 2008

Am I THAT mom?

D brought home her first report card EVER yesterday. Momentous. Milestoney. Can I really have a child old enough for a report card?

I held the thin, folded paper with trepidation. After all she's only six. No way could any of her grades make a difference on her future. She doesn't know the difference between an A+ or a C-. Yet. But, the natural competitor in me was kicking and screaming, "All As or Nothing!" Part of me wonders what her class rank would be. Part of me knows it doesn't matter. Part of me knows that I have to keep on making learning fun around here and not let the pressure to do well squelch their enjoyment of school, or their interests or creativity or talents or... oh B.S. just open the dang thing.

All As. Glowing comments. Os for conduct. And then... at the bottom... a C in handwriting! What?! Oh no! There goes Harvard.


Scott Williams said...

Don't let Harvard go...many a doctor has poor penmanship.

Debbie said...

You could always get her typing early - a much, much more needed skill than neat handwriting. Most young kids don't have the motor control for keyboarding, but I sometimes let them get started at