Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Early bird

I was up at 5:00 today because M had to leave superduper early for a business trip. He'll be gone until tomorrow night, or maybe even Friday, depending on whether he has a hearing go forward, so it's just the kiddos and I. Sigh. So for the next few days I'll have to get up early to shower, get some makeup on, have some coffee, catch up on blogs, make my to do list for the day. If I don't get my personal stuff done outside of business hours around here, my (two) bosses get pretty cranky.

Today A and I have an outing to Old Navy to get some tshirts (he destroys his, so we can never have too many). Then we're going to make ghosts for our Halloween "Gallery of Ghosts" theme. I got a bunch of old white sheets from Goodwill, bleached and washed them on the hottest setting -- twice -- and I'm going to draw faces on them. I hope they turn out OK.

Still got a lot of prep to do for our company this weekend. Including the dreaded mopping of the floors. I hate mopping. Vacuuming isn't so much fun either. Of course I'm going to put it off until the last minute because I'm so so lazy busy.

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