Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 10

Lame-o, crazy-o, busy-o Monday morning post. Top 10 TV shows we're watching this season:

1. Amazing Race. I *heart* this show. It never fails to entertain and it provides vicarious worldwide travel thrills.
2. The Office. I am happy Pam & Jim are together. Aren't you?
3. Bones. Good show - gory without being too scary.
4. NCIS. I just like the characters. Whatever.
5. Life. Very quirky cop show #1
6. Life on Mars. Very quirky cop show #2
7. Worst Week. Sooooo funny!! You have to get past it's horrid lead-in (2-1/2 "Men") but worth the wait.
8. Old Christine. Liked JLD on Seinfeld, like her here. I like the brother too.
9. What Not to Wear. Catty, funny, I'm a sucker for makeover shows.
10. How I Met Your Mother. This show has grown on me. The writing is great and they usually work some pretty poignant, twisty stuff in there too. The whole show is one big cliffhanger!

I've got one kid off school today, Jr. League puppet show (w/ BOTH kids in tow), swim lessons, a house to clean from the weekend's festivities. So.... yeah.

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