Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday (on a scale of 1-10):

Weather - 2. It was super windy. I really don't like wind. It bothers me and makes me edgy.

Children - 7. A is getting his last four teeth and is drooling, crying and has an upset tummy. D is on Easter Vacation and is already missing her school friends, the chicks her class hatched out as part of their "farm unit" and her routine. She was weepy and needy at bedtime last night and as I gave her a final kiss she, in a choky sad voice, blurted out "Am I going to die in my sleep?" Oh my. For one panicked, selfish moment (it was 8:15 - 45 mins. past her regular bedtime, so she was tired and I knew it and I was tired too) I wanted to say something quick and meaningless ("Of course NOT honey!") and get back downstairs to American Idol and M and some girl scout cookies. But then... I just couldn't. So I curled up on her bed and rubbed her back and asked her why she thought about that right before bed. We ended up having a very beautiful conversation about God and Heaven and some of the things we Believe and why we Believe them... with a nice bit of biology thrown in there as well. Going to parochial school (especially at Easter!) they get a lot of information about the Spirit, but sometimes she wonders about the mechanics of it all as well. A nicely balanced kid we've got there.

Baking efforts - 5. As the weather continues to warm up here my baking suffers apace. Hot, humid (windy!) conditions are just not conducive to the creaming of butter, or whipping of egg whites or heating up the oven - and thus the kitchen and the house. I think our a/c labored until almost 9 last night to cool down the house. Plus, whatever manages to bake and brown will be totally un-crisped and soggy unless eaten or frozen almost immediately. So, bring on the days of BBQ, salads, stove-top meals and frozen desserts! I make an amazing toasted coconut ice cream -- no oven required!

American Idol - 1. Hello, America? Kristy Lee Cook DOES NOT look like she wants to be in this competition!! She's had no performances worth mentioning, she looks visibly uncomfortable on stage, she has no charisma or star presence (although she's probably a very nice person) and now she has to tour with the rest of the Top 10?! I think those were tears of terror she was crying last night! Please, please stop voting for her just because she's pretty and has shiny blonde hair. Let her go. Have mercy. I'm no Amanda Overmeyer fan, but at least she knows how to entertain!

Have a wonderful Thursday. It's laundry day here @ Three's Company!

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that the only people voting for Christy are the anti-Idol folks at Vote for the Worst. She's terrible.