Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fallen idols?

Guess I'm not the only one having a bad week. I've been following the fallout of Gov. Elliot Spitzer's scandal fairly closely because before I was a SAHM I worked for an excellent, reputable, wonderful company that he ruined with his lies and innuendo. He cost my former employer their stellar reputation (no charges were ever filed), cost many people their careers and absolutely destroyed the stock price. I lost a ton of money, as did many of my co-workers, as we were all invested in the company stock plan. His self-righteousness, blatant political aspirations and sanctimony are now coming back to him in spades. I hope his wife leaves him and he goes to jail.

In other Idol (idle?) news, I loved last night's American Idol Top 12 round. I think we're beginning to separate the wheat from the chaff now and what the HELL are Kristy Lee Cook & David Hernandez still doing in the competition?! I think Danny/Danielle was better than both of them -- at least he was entertaining. I was also pleased to see that David A. had some missteps as well. He's always irritated me a bit. My faves? Brooke White (I'd buy her album RIGHT NOW if she had one!) and Chikizie! I also liked David C.'s rendition of Eleanor Rigby. We'll be tuning in to watch the results tonight for sure. It's funny because M & I have never watched the show or followed the contestants this closely before, but since the writer's strike sent all our fave programs into reruns, we really didn't have a choice. And now we're hooked.

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