Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend recap

What a roller coaster of a weekend! First, the weather was picture perfect - cool mornings, warm (but not hot or humid) days. We took the kids to a beach cafe for brunch and to play in the sand yesterday -- the water is too cold to swim just yet -- and it was absolutely super.

Not so wonderful were my allergies. With the exception of our trip to the beach, where there are no oak trees hence, no allergies, I spent the weekend alternately sneezing and medicating. So far this allergy season I've tried Benadryl, psuedophed, some Mucinex and finally the loratadine. But, to put it mildly, the OTC allergy medicine I was so psyched about last week viciously turned on me during the weekend. To sum up:

Allergies: cause moderate discomfort, congestion, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, sneezing
Relief: stay inside house or car, run a/c, keep dust at minimum, keep Kleenex handy, wash face often, drink lots of water

Allergy medicines: cause drowsiness, dizziness, dehydration, mild fever, muscle/joint pain and severe tummy "trouble"
Relief: don't take it!!!

I spent most of Friday night and Saturday completely out of it. By Sunday I had rallied, but by the time we got home from the beach, ran a couple of errands and had dinner I was done in again. I finally googled my symptoms and "loratadine" and was not amused to read that I should by calling my health care professional immediately for some of the side effects I was experiencing. I think I will just put up with the allergies! At least having to wash my face, drink water and keep a Kleenex in my pocket are relatively mild inconveniences and opposed to needing to lie down every 20 minutes and then having to run for a bathroom every time I eat or drink.

The beach was lovely though.

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