Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just Tuesday

Is it really just Tuesday?

In addition to my Mom still being so sick she can't get out of bed (alarming!), yesterday A was diagnosed with pink eye in both eyes resulting in 1) my spending $60 (!!!!) on eyedrops for him and 2) D banning him from her room, playroom and the artroom until he's cured. Then last night M's grandmother was sent to the hospital with a suspected heart attack, while at the same his Dad in NC was having foot surgery. M's Mom meanwhile will be seeing her opthamologist on Friday because she's getting odd flashes and pains in her eye.

Weren't we supposed to be having a fun and relaxing week?

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Libby said...

Oh my gosh, Trish! When it rains it sure does pour! Take care, I'll be thinking of you guys.