Monday, March 10, 2008

Vacation update

Well. Looks like I spoke, er, posted too soon this morning. My mom has the flu and it does not look like she will recover in time for us to go on our vacation. It is v. disappointing, but not unexpected unfortunately. My mom originally got sick last week - so seriously she ended up in the hospital for a night, an event so frightening to me that I couldn't write about it. But she rallied and was home the next day, and she was doing much, much better until she relapsed last night. So obviously she'll be unable to help my dad watch the kids -- and so we're NOT going to Utah after all. Of course, I'm only concerned that my mom gets better. We'll go on vacation later.

So do you think this was a sign I would've broken my leg or something?

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Libby said...

Oh Trish, I'm sorry! I hope your mom feels better soon and thy you and M get your just-the-two-of-us vacation soon!