Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Problem-solving with math

A has the flu. It was sorta inevitable given how sick we/my mom/everyone we know has been, but I still hate to see my kids sick. Especially when it come on at around 10:00 at night. Especially when it involves having to get them out of bed at 10:00 at night to prop up their mattresses and put spit-up cloths under them. And especially when they get sick right when M will be gone overnight on a business trip. Yay! More all-night fun for mom.

So, here's how we are solving today's problems, using Visa Commercial Math:

One sick toddler + sick toddler waking up every hour + sick toddler hacking up a lung (- a few hours rocking sick toddler) = exhausted mama

Sick toddler + exhausted mama = D's Unlimited Video Watching Day

Sick toddler + exhausted mama + husband out of town = Chocolate pudding for dinner

Exhausted mama + chocolate pudding = Self-indulgent pity party

Exhausted mama + pity party + two kids at home (- Videos) = Grandiose craft ideas

What kind of grandiose craft idea? Well, in my exhaustion, I'm trying to work out how I can make floor cushions for the kids. I'm actually surprised I'm not just hoofing it over to PetSmart to buy dog beds for them to use, because at about 4:00 a.m., when the idea first occurred to me, that was my first instinct. After all, Fize the Dog with Nine Lives has had several wonderful dog beds from there and they are the perfect size and come in cute patterns.... but then again is it weird to have the kids lounging on the floor on dog beds? Plus, maybe Fize would be confused? Shouldn't she have something that is hers and hers alone?

Anyway, here's the math:

Two floor cushions from Amazon + shipping and handling = $160 (approx.)

Two foam inserts + materials + sewing machine + learning to sew (- putting off all my other chores) + hypothetical issue of whether I'd ever sew anything again = $200 (approx.)

Hmmm... what to do....

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