Friday, March 07, 2008

Florida's finest

We are in the middle of the Florida winter produce bonanza wherein we get to enjoy all the delicious treats that our northern friends won't get until summertime. The strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, peppers, and corn on the cob have never been better! And all locally grown! We had the sweetest, freshest corn on the cob last night - crisp and wonderful. You don't even need butter when the corn is this fresh. It was delicious and corn is not my favorite vegetable by a long shot. And for dessert? Homemade strawberry ice cream - out of this world. My freezer is full of bags of strawberries to get us through the long hot summer.

Of course we pay in spades for this brief bounty because come May we'll get little if any locally grown produce until next winter.

M & I are trying to decide if we should put in a small vegetable garden. He loves to garden and has a pretty good green thumb, but I just don't know - I'm mainly afraid of attracting rats and other vermin. But I'd love some homegrown tomatoes this summer and growing them yourself is the only way to get really good ones. Otherwise the ones that survive transport here are usually so mealy and tasteless.

Anyway, we'll be out and about enjoying the cool temps and sunshine predicted for this weekend. It's especially timely because this is our parish festival weekend and it's always more fun when it's cool out.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I know it's FL and all, but I never heard of a well-kept garden attracting anything but bunnies. And deer. Go for it. ;o)

Angelina said...

I've never had rats in my garden either. Just don't plant any ivy, which they love to nest in. I say put in the garden- you'll be so happy for it when you have those tomatoes and whatever else you decide to plant.