Saturday, December 29, 2007


Fize came through her surgery with flying colors! The vet even said she was trying to eat and was eager to get outside this morning. If she continues to improve then we can pick her up on Monday. Yay!! We are all so relieved. Now we just need to wait to see what type of tumor it is -- results in about a week. Unfortunately, the vet says 2/3 of the time these are a very malignant strain and often you only get a 3-6 month life expectancy. We're hoping we're in the other third. Fize has always beaten the odds.

In unrelated news, our washing machine joined the appliance casualty list prompting M & I to go into an appliance buying frenzy. We bought a new dishwasher, range, fridge, washer & dryer in just under three hours. I'm particularly enamored of the washer, which is one of the newfangled, high-efficiency, no-agitator types. Rumor has it you can wash a king sized comforter in there. We will see. We have to wait until January 8 for installation so I may have to find a laundry service in the meantime. Or wash our unmentionables by (gulp!) hand. Or maybe I'll just buy some new undies for everyone and call it a day. How I wish I was caught up on the laundry before this happened!

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Libby said...

I'm so happy to hear that Fize is doing so well, I hope she'll be home with you on Monday. And I'll continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Dogs are such little troopers, aren't they?

Five new appliances in three hours- that's impressive! If replacing appliances was an olympic sport that would absolutely have been a gold medal performance!