Monday, December 03, 2007

Moving on - day 3

We're one week from the move! And 10 days from the closings! That means in less than 2 weeks, with a little bit of God's grace, we'll be living in our new home, cooking on the World's Oldest Gas Range and the kids will finally have their own bedrooms. I'm sure they'll still bug the crap out of each other, but maybe that will get better when they don't have to live on top of each other. Ah, privacy. The new house basically gives each of us (including Dog) 600 sq ft to spread out. I'm sure initially it will feel soooo big, but we all know how your stuff has a way of expanding to fill a vacuum.

But we gotta get there first. M slaved all weekend and did a great job packing and organizing the two main junk zones. I'm ashamed to say I contributed little more than child care. Although I have a neat plan for getting the house packed up, I've yet to put a single item in a box. I'd rather be blogging. Oh wait, I did empty some of the pantry cupboards and packed away my precious food processor. I swear I'll get crackin' today -- as soon as A is napping.

I also have a tremendously long list of assorted service providers, etc. to call with our new contact information. I'd better get on that too.

OK. Enough! I'm going! Right now!

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