Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Moving on - one week to close!

One week from today M & I will be on our way to the title company to close on the house. It's amazing and scary all at once - we're so used to our little bungalow (and little mortgage) and now, as my sister Debbie put it, "we're all grown up." Yikes. The best part though will be that the packing will be done... and the unpacking won't have started yet. We basically have the rest of our lives to unpack since I don't think we'll be going anywhere anytime soon, God willing.

Got the beast of a hall closet packed yesterday -- and then we remembered we don't have a downstairs coat closet in the new house. We think they might have converted it to the downstairs bathroom. Bummer. We'll have to do some creative organizing. Today I tackle the dining room buffet. Lots of serving pieces, platters, the Good China, etc. The kitchen pack up starts tomorrow, so we'll be eating off of paper soon.

The weather looks beautiful for the next 10 days though, so it will make the move pleasant. This is the exact time of year that we moved into our current house, so we at least we're consistent. There are more similarities - we made the offer on this house on my birthday (ditto for the new house) and we finalized the deal three days later (ditto). Weird, that.

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