Saturday, December 01, 2007

Moving on - day 1

Good morning! Today is a picture perfect Florida December day - blue skies, lots o' sun, low humidity, about 60-ish. Perfect for walking the beach looking for shells, packing a picnic lunch and hanging at the local park, or going to the Farmer's Market for produce, some granola and a hot breakfast crepe. Or for tearing apart your house, emptying out the attic and packing. Guess what we're doing?

Today is officially Day 1 of the moving process. Because we only have two weekends before the move/close, and M is not able to do a lot during the week, the bulk of the heavy stuff has to be done this weekend. So that means many trips up and down the rickety attic stairs to take down all the crap that we put up there when we moved in and haven't touched since. I say "chuck it" but M is more of a packrat, and since he's doing the heavy lifting, I'll let him organize it however he wants. Whatever. Of course, that's how we ended up with an attic full of crap in the first place. There's good stuff up there too - like our Christmas decorations (which I don't know if we'll get to this year) and baby stuff and boxes of clothes I haven't worn since the summer of '01 -- before the first time I was pregnant. I think maybe those should go to Goodwill. By the time I'm able to fit into a size 2/4 again, all that stuff will be even more hopelessly outdated than it is now. Although.... I think I've got a bunch of Ralph Lauren I might save. Stuff that's too cute (and expensive) to toss or to try to replace.

We do have some fun things happening - my brother-in-law will be here for a work-related visit on Sunday and we're going to meet on Monday evening for dinner. We haven't seen him since March, so it will be great to catch up in person.

Have a great weekend!

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