Saturday, December 08, 2007

Packin' it in

Two days until Moving Day. Four until the close. I'm not sure which deadline is scarier.

Yesterday I got the kids clothes packed - A's took up a huge duffel, D's a large suitcase. All of her dresses are in there, which sparked a wardrobe meltdown this morning. Finally she unearthed a pair of purple cord shorts that were in her "hotel" bag. The child will not wear anything but pink or purple.

We're mostly done with the hard packing. Now it's just a matter of stuffing what's left into whatever containers we have left. At the end, aren't there always some loose items that just get chucked into the car? That's how we've always moved. It's even harder this time because we aren't moving very far - just a mile or two - so it doesn't seem like you should have to wrap n' pack very carefully.

We'll be disassembling the computer tomorrow night, so the next time I post, we'll be moved!


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