Thursday, November 29, 2007

Calm before the storm

** UPDATE: Had a fab breakfast - brie omelettes! sourdough toast! no kids!! - but decided, unwisely, to weigh myself AFTER. Shockingly, I've gained eight (8!!) pounds since the end of the summer. Is it stress? Hormones? My Baked Treat of the Day diet? My commitment to sloth? WTF? I need to do something about it and I'm out of viable excuses not to. **

I am just starting to let myself believe we're actually moving! It still feels a little bit weird, like maybe something will fall through? But M assures me that it's a done deal now, that our buyers are locked in, and I can schedule the movers for December 10-- or maybe the 11th. We're trying to get our sellers to allow us to move our stuff in a few days early. Then M, the kids and I and my parents are going to stay out at the beach for a few days until the closing. It will be a nice break from reality transition to the new house and we desperately need some R&R. Of course, M will still be working and I'll have the commute from hell to get D to school on time, but by December 13 this will all be over. I guess it seems so hectic because we're closing on two houses less than 30 days after the contracts were signed. That's a lot to happen in a pretty short time.

I'm off to a belated birthday breakfast with one of my mom friends this a.m. She's building a new house so it will be a nice break for both of us.


Libby said...

You guys have a lot going on, and on top of the holidays, yikes! I hope you have some lovely peaceful days at the beach. :)

Anonymous said...

The last time you weighed yourself, was it also after eating a big breakfast and in the same clothing you were wearing this time? Food and clothes have weight, too.