Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Slow news day

Not much happening right now. Baby A has his six-month well-baby check up this morning, I actually have to wake him up from his nap [frown] in just a few minutes. We've been practicing sitting up and playing "Wheels on the Bus" and "Patty-cake" and there are some days where I'm so happy and others where it's kinda mind-numbing and it's hard for me to get excited. The perils of being a SAHM.

Last night D had me stretched to the breaking point. It was pouring rain so we couldn't go outside so she got busy glueing pom-poms onto popsicle sticks. I was trying to make dinner and entertain A, and she kept waving these crazy decorated popsicle sticks in my face, asking if they looked like birds or fish tails or something and I was half-answering in a distracted way because I was, well, distracted and finally she just yelled "You're not listening to me!" It made me feel so bad, and like a bad mom, for not taking three seconds to check out her artwork and say, "Yeah, that DOES look like a fish tail, nice job!" which is all she needed to make her happy but instead she felt ignored. Then at dinner she asked me why I spend all my time playing with A and never with her anymore. Good thing we all have such bad short-term memories around here and we wake up every morning pretty much fine and happy and loving each other and totally forgiven for whatever happened the day before.

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