Wednesday, January 17, 2007

M is for...

Mudpie, which was what D's teacher had them making yesterday at school. Guess what? They even got to bring their project home with them. So yesterday, thanks in part to Ms. W. and in part to the 80 degree weather, we made mudpies all afternoon in our "yard." Despite having a huge lot, we have very little usable yard space, so D & I were crammed onto a small paved area in back of the house and Baby A had to be content with lying on a towel on a weedy patch. Our yard is utterly useless, a travesty, a shame, a waste of space, and a constant visible reminder that M & I simply cannot make decisions when it comes to major home improvement projects (unless something is broken, leaking or smoking). We should have had this place sodded, fenced and patio-d years ago. But no. Now I could kick myself, ourselves, because we desperately need a place to play and sit outside with the kids that is marginally more comfortable than crouching on an ancient 3 x 3 concrete pad that used to hold the boiler. So, I drew up some plans and maybe I can get M to agree to it before Easter when our whole family comes to visit. I'm even willing to forgo a pool (too much hassle, too much upkeep, too much of a frog attractor) in favor of a covered porch area and a nice, mulched area for a playset and D's sandbox. With such nice weather it's a real shame not to be able to use your own yard. We can't even let the Dog out there because she comes back in covered with weeds, dirt and bites. We might as well live in a condo.

And surprise, surprise... A just woke up from his 20 minute morning nap.

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