Friday, January 19, 2007

A first

Baby A has his first little tooth! All the signs have been there... fussiness, not napping, spitting up, biting me while nursing.... but I didn't quite catch them. So this morning we were playing and he gave me a cheeky little smile and there it was! He looks so grown up.

I've got a crapload of laundry to do this morning and then A & I are off to find onesies that fit. He's going to have to go with at least 12 month ones to fit around his big baby legs. D is at school all day today, but I promised her I'd do a science project after school, so I better prep for that too.

BTW, hands up if you watched "Scrubs" last night. They did a musical show and it was hilarious. We also watched "The Office" and we (I) were most pleased to see Jim & Pam reconnecting. I'm not too involved with my TV set, am I?

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