Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Whee! This is my 100th post. I should celebrate, maybe make some hot cocoa on this chilly, chilly night. I wish I had something momentuous to write about. oh well.

Funny follow up to the big Kindergarten registration day. First, D's school does not guarantee re-registration until the child is in Kindergarten, so every year there's a lot of suspense - will she get in or not, what will we do if she doesn't, are you sure you did all the paperwork, blah blah blah. So. This year, I'm like the first person in line, fill out my forms in double-time and hand in all my paperwork. Because she's a current student, they don't need her birth certificate, ss card, etc. Or so they tell me. One day later, the school secretary calls informing me that D's medical forms expire on February 1. Impossible I say, her birthday is in July, so her current forms should be good until next summer and I'll turn them in as soon as school starts next year (providing we get in). I had to ask her to recheck them and sure enough, I was right. But I hope she made a note that our stuff is on file anyway. I'd hate it if our Kindergarten application was marked incomplete because of a clerical error.

And speaking of clerical errors, it seems like Aetna forgot to sign us up for dental coverage when we became eligible for benefits at M's new job. Of course we only found out when M's dentist called to say that his most recent visit wasn't covered. Stay tuned here for more follow up on this impending saga.

I've got a load of things to do tonight - cook dinner, fold laundry, pay some bills. Better get to it.

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