Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer reading short list

This is the first summer I can remember that I don't have an official Summer Reading list. I was so focused on picking really good books for the kids, I forgot about myself.

Luckily, I happened to find a few MARVELOUS books at the library without having to put in requests:

Atlas of Unknowns, Tania James*

Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman**

Gentlemen of the Road, Michael Chabon***

The Bridegroom, Ha Jin****

As for the fall, I'm looking forward to September 29 when Audrey Niffenegger's new book, "Her Fearful Symmetry," is due out. I love her writing, so I might pre-order this one from Amazon so I don't have to wait for it at the library.

*Have I ever mentioned how much I love books set in India? LOVE.

** Speaking of love, I LOVE Neil Gaiman. His writing makes me tingly. Who else can combine fantasy and horror so very well? His collections are as good as his novels. And the ending to Stardust makes me cry and wish the book would never end.

*** Speaking of wishing for more, let's talk about Michael Chabon. I've read and LOVED everything he's ever written. This book is no exception. There is no one writing today who has a better sense of pacing. And Summerland? One of the best young adult books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Its like a kid's version of The Talisman (Stephen King & Peter Straub), which was one of my favorite summer reading books from several years (decades?) ago.

**** I have an on-again/off-again relationship with Ha Jin. I liked Waiting, but haven't been as wowed by some of his other stuff.

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