Monday, July 06, 2009


At the beginning of the summer I thought I'd experiment a bit with the kids bedtimes and let Anders stay up to 7 and Dags until 8.

After a full month of the experiment I can tell you it is a resounding FAIL. They are up at the crack of dawn and are cranky, belligerent, argumentative and fight almost constantly from 4:00 - bedtime. It is horrible and I blame myself for messing with the almost foolproof sleep schedule that I have adhered to religiously since Dagny was 2 and my BFF, Lisa, told me that her secret to happy kids was sleep, early bedtimes and lots of sleep.

So tonight I'm going back to their originally scheduled bedtimes, although I may allow Dags to read in bed for a bit before lights out, and see how it works.

Bring on the blackout shades.

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Cindy said...

Did you ever think you would hate the longer days so much?? Sophie has the hardest time going to sleep while it's still light, so I've been letting her read in bed for a while too. Can't wait for it to get dark at 7:00 again! I'm lacking an advantage I had last year though: She can tell time, so there's no more lying about bedtime ("really--it's 8:00 already!!).