Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday party recap

The party was a blast! The girls all played very nicely (mostly) and I had the perfect amount of activities planned -- mostly involving dancing and limbo and games to keep everyone moving. Dagny got some wonderful gifts, including an INSANE amount of gift card moola. But being her father's daughter, she has already said she wants to "see what's out there" before she decides to purchase anything. She's also already asked how long she has before she has to use them. Not like me -- they'd be gone already.

I did, however, wake up at 5:00 a.m. this morning with the worst migraine I've had in about five years. It was awful. I went downstairs to lie in the dark cool living room and alternated between there and the bathroom until Anders woke up. Then I had to wake up dear sweet hubby to help out while I lay in bed. It was gone by about 1, but I still feel that sore, icky headachy feeling. I attribute this one to WAAAAAY TOOO MUCH chocolate cake yesterday. It was practically all I ate and I had about 2 pieces whilst cleaning up. So fudgy, rich, creamy yummy... but I've not had chocolate much at all lately and apparently it did me in. Ouch.

Better now though and Mr. J is on his way home with yummy takeout from the burger joint across the street.

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