Tuesday, July 28, 2009

27 days

School starts in 27 days. And not a moment too soon. You know you -- and the kids -- are ready when you find yourself in a pointless argument with your 7 year old about whether or not you'll help her take the carrying strap off a toy. For the record, I was stubbornly refusing to help her because I end up taking the thing on and off 23000 times per day. She was whining at me to "puhleeeez helpppp meeeee" on the grounds that she can't play at all and was getting mad because I wouldn't help. I'm not stubborn by nature, but I can dig my heels in when I have to.

I'd say this marks the turning point of the summer where "childlike" turns into "childish."

The other turning point is when it's officially too hot outside to BBQ and you'd rather crank down the a/c and just use the oven.

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