Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Anders has fallen in LOVE with dinosaurs. He still loves his robots, but lately it's been T Rex this and Diplodocus that and "Mommy, you be a raptor and I'll run!" I remember playing tea party and princess and kittys and stingray & flamingos with Dagny when she was a pre-schooler so it's actually kinda fun to see the things that Anders likes to play. And to pad my Super Mom resume, last week we found a Dino-Robot tee shirt at Target. He will dig it out of the laundry to wear it every single day.

And what prompted this infatuation? It sure wasn't Land Before Time or any good dino book. Nope. His first dino movie was Jurassic Park. Which he was not scared by AT ALL. In fact, neither kid was. They laughed like hyenas when the T Rex ate the lawyer on the potty. And I heard them talking about it the other night and just giggling and giggling as Anders pretended to be a T Rex and Dagny pretended to be on the potty. (Out of respect for Mr. J, no one pretends to be a lawyer.)

We have it on TiVo right now, but it looks like we'll be adding it to the DVD collection soon.

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